Severin White

London Strategic Land

Severin White is the Founder of Niagara Share Corporation, a financial advisory practice serving family office investors focused on public and private investments. Severin has 25+ years of principal experience in private equity, operating roles, and public markets. Prior to founding Niagara Share, Severin served for 10 years as a key member of the investment team at the New Vernon Aegir Fund and subsequently the Columbia Pacific Partners Fund, managing capital focused principally on investments in US-listed public equities.

Previously, Severin served in various senior operational and finance roles including serving as the Senior Vice President, Business Development at Smithsonian Business Ventures where he spearheaded the negotiation and structuring of the Smithsonian Channel, a joint venture television network between the Smithsonian Institution and CBS/Showtime.  Severin began his career at Bastion Capital, a Los Angeles‐based middle market private equity buyout fund. Bastion’s returns, principally driven by investments in Hispanic media, ranked in the top quartile of their peer group.

Severin received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management.