About Us


London Strategic Land was established to support London’s need for more and better housing. Our aim is to help build homes and communities that people want to live in, by working with local authorities, government agencies and developers.


A timely opportunity

The opportunity to invest in Greater London housing arrives at a significant moment in the city’s history. A lack of good quality, available housing stock is a national problem, but one especially pertinent to the capital, where construction of new and suitably community-orientated developments has not kept pace with its economy and population growth.  

Recognising the extent of the problem, local authorities are coming under increasing pressure to approve planning applications and oversee the development of promising sites. At the same time, plans for further improvements to London’s transport system are advanced, with both the Crossrail project and Bakerloo Line extension opening up and revitalising areas ripe for exactly the kind of regeneration we seek to support.



Our approach

We believe in the value of creating homes designed to stand the test of time. 

In this respect, we exclusively partner forward-thinking design, development and construction companies and professionals who share the same belief. Like us, their vision is for developments that are grown from local need, that have meaning beyond the privacy of our own homes, and that are properly integrated into the city’s urban fabric, green space thinking very much included. 

Developments of this kind need time to grow the kind of roots designed to sustain them. Thinking locally, adapting specific sites to the specific needs of specific areas, we aim to work closely with local and national government authorities across the full cycle of a given project, acquiring the land, obtaining planning consent, masterplanning its infrastructure needs and overseeing its development. 

As such, we can take a long term view on our investments, their increasing value indelibly linked to the time and success with which a community settles into its new environment.